Selected works

Frist, 2019

Silicone, plexiglass, photogram.

Two Times To, 2018

Photo print and silicone diptych.

Trash the House, 2017

Temporary wall piece with exhibition leftovers (wood and cookies).

Banana Split with Dico Kruijsse, 2016

Installation with banana peel, glass and silicone.

Matière à réflexion #09, 2015

From the series Matière à réflexion a postcard with pins.

Hhippehrtelhia, 2014

KWARTET event inside the walls of the gallery space with Nora Barón, Julián Cruz and Carlos Fernández-Pello, Madrid.

To Explore the World and Other Issues, 2013

Video still from the 5 minute video loop.

Nature Copies Us, 2012

Digital photo print for Hardbrücke railway station in Zürich, 17 × 2 meter.

Uten Tittel Hellebou Untitled, 2011

Objects added the landscape of the Hellebou garden, Bolkesjø.

Endless blue skies, 2010

Installation with sprayed ice crystals on the gallery window and picture frames at WCW Gallery, Hamburg.

Untitled (Black & White), 2009

Standard passe-partout and frame.

For which I thank you. 2008

Postcard performance (ongoing).

Curriculum Vitae

Marijke Appelman

1979 Born in Haarlem, lives and works in Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

Solo & Duo exhibitions

2018 Het Gemaal op Zuid, Rotterdam (NL) – Wall Thought
2017 Trash the House, The Hague (NL) – I have a proposal of you
2017 RORO buiten – In the First Place with Jozeth van de Snepscheut
2016 Galerie Gallery, Rotterdam (NL) – Dico Kruijsse & Marijke Appelman
2016 Stellwerk, Kassel (Germany) – A Round Of Applause Would Be Nice
2015 Het Wilde Weten, Rotterdam (The Netherlands) – Malerei X
2014 Wolke, Brussels (Belgium) – Touch Outside The Circle
2014 Galerie Gallery, Rotterdam (The Netherlands) – Marijke Appelman
2014 Istituto Svizzero di Roma, Rome (Italy) – Day II Night
2013 17ZWEI at Hardbrücke, Zurich (Switzerland) – Nature Copies Us
2012 Hellebou, Bolkesjø (Norway) – MINI Museum of XXI Century Arts
2012 Listhús Gallery space, Ólafsfirði (Iceland) – Staðurinn til að vera
2011 Rampa, Madrid (Spain) – The same time as the other / The same time
2009 SingerSweatShop, Rotterdam (NL) – Met Koen (met Marijke) with Koen Taselaar

Group shows

2018 NE Studio’s, Rotterdam (NL) – Studio TYPCR with Pip Passchier
2018 PIFF, Rotterdam (The Netherlands) – Elements of Kapsalon
2017 Cass Sculpture Foundation, West Sussex (UK) – The Sleeping Procession
2017 Handel Street Projects, London (UK) – Art of the Postcard
2017 Bad Lab, Rotterdam (The Netherlands) – Gültigkeitsdauer
2017 AVL-Mundo, Rotterdam (NL) – American in Residence by Jason Page
2016 Club Gusto (The Netherlands) – between waves and lines
2016 Foundation Bad, Rotterdam (NL) – 3D ZINE
2016 Studios Borgerstraat, Rotterdam (NL) – Guest Artists
2015 Hestercombe Gallery, Taunton (UK) – Wish you were here
2015 Ampelhaus, Oranienbaum (Germany) – Lost & Found
2015 The Granary Gallery, Berwick-Upon-Tweed (UK) – WYWH
2015 Ars Publica / Noemata (Norway) – Leap second festival 2015
2015 MAC, Birmingham (United Kingdom) – Wish you were here
2015 Wolfart Projectspace, Rotterdam (NL) – The Ride & Opening
2014 MAGMA Contemporary, Sf. Gheorghe (Romania) – salonvideo_SUB
2014 The Atkinson Art Gallery, Southport (UK) – Wish you were here?
2014 Sala de Arte Joven, Madrid (Spain) – Hhippehrtelhia
2014 Richmond Art Gallery, Richmond (Canada) – Memory Mail Art
2013 Salon Video, Iași (Romania) – Noțiuni de Metodă / Matters of Method
2013 Vous Etes Ici, Amsterdam (The Netherlands) – The Multiple Show #3
2013 Rudolf-Scharpf-Galerie, Ludwigshafen (Germany) – VBVD Preis
2013 Museum van Bommel van Dam, Venlo (NL) – VBVD Prijs 2013
2013 Lokaal 01, Breda – Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more
2013 Upominki, Rotterdam (NL) – Take a breath… The best must come
2012 Foam, Amsterdam (The Netherlands) – PLOT at Film &Foam
2012 Susanne Burmester Galerie, Bergen auf Rügen (Germany) – Tektonik
2012 Het Wilde Weten, Rotterdam (NL) – Vol. 4: Here and There
2011 WCW-Gallery, Hamburg (Germany) – A leaf is crashing on my window
2011 Re: Amsterdam, Amsterdam (The Netherlands) – during Art Amsterdam
2011 Supermarket art fair, Stockholm (Sweden) – De Zwarte Ruyter
2011 MoCA, Massachusetts (United States) – An Exchange with Sol LeWitt
2011 Galerie Frank Taal, Rotterdam (NL) – Earth is smaller than Thought
2010 Dek 22, Rotterdam (The Netherlands) – Kleur 01 & Kleur 02
2010 Raid Projects, Los Angeles (United States) – Drugstore Kiosk
2010 Goethe Institute, Rotterdam (The Netherlands) – Doppel Trio
2010 Apartment Draschan, Vienna (Austria) – Welcome home!
2010 Lokaal 01, Breda (The Netherlands) – Pleasure Ground I, II, III & IV
2010 Secondroom, Brussels (Belgium) – No Mistake: 52 Weeks
2010 Showroom MAMA, Rotterdam (NL) – Don’t Worry, Be Happy
2009 NP3, Groningen (NL) – The Art and Colections III & Thema
2009 Network Media Graduation show at CBK Rotterdam
2009 Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam (NL) – Chris Brans ‘Retrospectief’
2009 Versionfest, Chicago (United States) – NFO XPO / Trendbeheer
2009 Carpricious Gallery, New York (United States) – In Real Life
2008 Blaak 10 gallery, Rotterdam (The Netherlands) – Work Offline
2008 Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam (The Netherlands) – Jong Talent 2008
2008 Las Palmas, Rotterdam (The Netherlands) – Krooning Graduation show


2018 Curator at Galerie Lecq Delfshaven, Rotterdam
2013 Founded The Young Petanque Club Rotterdam
2013 KWARTET II with Koen Taselaar
11-17 A Postcard Says More together with Daan den Houter
10-11 Appeal to Probability project at Het Wilde Weten: Supported by CBK Rotterdam (Centre for Visual Arts Rotterdam)
2010 KWARTET with Koen Taselaar
2009 It’s a new brand world event for Witte de With Centre in Rotterdam
2007 Editorial Accabonac artists magazine and Blind Folded magazine

Education & Residencies

2018-2020 Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam – Master Education in Arts
2016 Fabrique Urbaine, Rotterdam (The Netherlands) Interns-in-Residence: with Kamali van Bochove and Pip Passchier
2015 Ampelhaus, Oranienbaum (Germany) Artist-in-Residence
2014 Wolke, Brussels (Belgium) Artist-in-Residence: Supported by CBK Rotterdam (Centre for Visual Arts Rotterdam)
2012 Hellebou, Bolkesjø (Norway) Artist-in-Residence
2012 CRIR, Copenhagen (Denmark) Researcher in residence
2012 Listhús, Ólafsfjörður (Iceland) Artist-in-Residence
2011 Hotel Mariakapel, Hoorn (NL) Artist-in-Residence
2011 Hellebou, Bolkesjø (Norway) Artist-in-Residence
2010 Quartier 21, Vienna (Austria) Artist-in-Residence: Supported by Worm
2009 Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam – MA Media Design
2008 Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam – BA Fine art

Lectures / Teaching

14-19 Teacher at Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam (NL)
12-18 Teacher at The Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (NL)
2016 Guest Teacher at Bcademie, The Netherlands
2013 Lecture at ZHdK Master Fine Arts, Zurich (Switzerland)
2013 Lecture Voorbeeld 2013 at The Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (NL)
2012 Lecture at Menntaskólinn á Tröllaskaga, Ólafsfjörður (Iceland)
2018 3rd prize – Pointless International Film Festival, Rotterdam
2014 3rd prize Print it – Textielmuseum, Tilburg
2013 Nominated for the Van Bommel Van Dam Prize
2008 Nominated for Drempelprijs ’07 / ’08

studio: NEstudio’s – Questions can be directed to my email including inquiries for KWARTET II (the first KWARTET is sold out) – Thank you for visiting.