Power, 2023

size 14 × 21 cm (handmade black & white darkroom print, edition 5) based on the poem Power by Adrienne Rich

Tile (dark), 2022

size 14,5 × 14,5 cm (edition 5 different colours)

Untitled (Photogram), 2021

size 15 × 28 cm (unique handmade c-print)

Untitled (Photogram), 2020

size 24 × 30 cm (unique handmade c-print)

About Marijke Appelman

1979 born in Haarlem, lives and works in Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

Marijke Appelman is an artist, facilitator and co-founder of The Young Petanque Club Rotterdam. Alongside her artistic practices she has been working as an art educator for ten years. In 2020 she graduated from the Piet Zwart Institute’s Master Education in Arts with her research project A Pedagogy-in-Process: The Artist Teacher in the Feminist Classroom. Questions can be directed to her email, including enquiries for a full artist CV or any other information about her practice.

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